For the past 2 years, we as a duo have been working collaboratively on work that spans across; video, installation, performance, painting and other disciplines. Our collaboration started in wanting to challenge ourselves as individual artists and experiment with how our separate practices, styles, and ideas can work together as a collective and the potential possibilities that can come out of that as individuals. From this our work has taken interest in; personal identity, the position of an artist in the contemporary sphere and the general significance of cross disciplinary work. Our recent work has taken the form of two paintings that contains elements and styles of each our practices. These paintings aim to be a melting pot where our practices meet and are representations of the potential that can come out of collaborative work. As these pieces were being made, they began to manifest into particular spaces: a swimming pool/spa and a private living room. They both became increasingly obscure and queer with sinister undertones and reflect our diverse individual interests in: bodies, still life, sexual liberation/eroticism, private and public space and chess. We are now currently working on a larger triptych piece funded by the Stanley Picker Gallery.

We want to demonstrate the immense capacity and engaging potential that can come out of collaboration that we feel many artists working independently actively avoid. The past year has shown that collectives and collaborators are more significant than they have ever been.