AR6104 E1 Tectonic Models – Action / Reaction / Refine / Represent

    Economy of means in relation to material, structural and tectonic systems is fundamental to contemporary practice. Understanding the amount of material used is paramount at this moment of critical ecological self-awareness. Based on limited sets of terms – sheet-(stiff/floppy), stick-(stiff/floppy) and the notion of PUSH and PULL, a set of predefined material elements given to the students, by themselves do not make architecture. Still, in combination, they start to define architectural elements that suggest enclosure. Finding the optimum performance in relation to the combination of elements and their structural limits defines the key aspect of the task. The purpose of the assignment is to think through making, with speed and quick responsiveness – core skills of the designer. The outcome can be considered a compressed, scaled-down version of delivering a real-world project– real materials, supply chains, coordination, teams, engineering, costing, time management, analytical models, shop drawings, fabrication and dissemination.