The Knot is a London based studio founded by Josephine Owen and Megan Willett. As a collective they value research and storytelling to un-tie complex knots in the world. They love using design to educate and evoke a positive change in the minds of their audience. 


The Knot prides itself in creating connections between people in the form of interactive products, campaigns, workshops and animations. Although only at the start of their journey as a studio, The Knot has worked with some inspiring clients across the worlds of theatre, education and charity. So far this passionate, small team has created some exciting and varied outcomes that have meaningfully engaged others. 


A recent project that has connected a diverse community has been ‘Normalise Menopause’, supported by the UKs leading CIC, Menopause Support. The Knot worked to collect stories to inform the world about the diverse experiences people of all genders and ages have with the menopause. The outcome of the project was three ‘invisible’ boxes that could be used in the classroom, workplace or at home. The boxes aim to teach you about someone’s unique relationship with the menopause through interactive play. Through research it was clear to see that menopause is a topic kept in the dark. It’s invisible. Therefore, the Knot hopes to prove that menopause can impact us all and every experience is different. 

We are a multidisciplinary design studio based in London, founded by Josephine Owen and Megan Willett. As driven individuals, we combine our passion for research, education and storytelling to form a strong duo – a knot.