Ben Judd’s The Origin Project was collaboration involving the Stanley Picker Gallery, 121 Collective, Interior Design, Architecture, Music and Dancer students. Additionally, managed by talented students from the MSc Project Management for Creative Practitioners course.

    The Origin Project explored Britain’s island status and the people who live in island communities. Through a series of workshops and interactions, participants collaborated with one another to define different aspects of this imagined, temporary community. There would be two constructed spaces: one built within the Stanley Picker Gallery, and the other on a boat moored on the River Thames. MSc Project Management students’ goal was help ensure a smooth running of the project and take ownership of certain aspects. Becoming involved in the storytelling of the Origin Project.

    Documentary Programme: Emily Sowerby, Dominque De Barros, Alanna Wells

    Video Crew: W.i.n.c Productions and Dominque De Barros

    Photography: Sophia Nasif, Alex Stillwell and Emily J Sowerby

    Boat Design Intervention: Mehak Verma

    Gallery Design Intervention: Cherry Wong

    Social Media and PR: Poppy Hall, Priti Desai, Litan Fu and Anastasiya Tikhova