Studio 2.4 have been continuing their exploration of time-based architecture, initiated since 2017 with projects that learned from Ahmedabad, India. This year our students began with an examination of their own rooms, that had become sites of working from home (or even “homing” from work). We titled our studio “Home, Sweet Work”, reflecting on how Covid has been further eradicating already brittle boundaries between “bitter work” and “sweet home”, with transformative changes set to outlast the current crisis.

The studio views architecture as a collaboration between professionals and habitants. We regard personal experience as equally important to precedent studies. Our precedents were selected in this spirit and included a range of new, communal as well as individual ways to combine work and life. We learned from the ordinary, the extraordinary, but also the infraordinary (Georges Perec) – from extraordinary activities in infraordinary spaces and vice versa.

The semester 1 project was sited inside Development House in Shoreditch, a mono functional and now obsolete office building that provided us with prompts and opportunities to re-imagine living and working in an urban context. Semester 2 took us to the Olympic Park and Fish Island, the site of an intense clash between two contradictory urban futures, developer urbanism threatening to overtake the communities that have made their homes and places for work and play.

Nuria Mohamedi, Lawrence Ofori Sarpong, Sunay Fuat Aref, Ieva Tamutyte, Amrit Gurung, Jindra Ibos, Ceylin As, Hazel Valiahdi, Natacha Ngo, Oliver Ciolli, Estefano Salas Arenas, Zenab Irshad, Nervana Mohamed, Seth Higgins, Amira Usman, Jiaqi Shi

Studio Tutors
Íñigo Cornago and Christoph Lueder