Obfuscated: To make obscure, unclear, and unintelligible meanings difficult to interpret.
Drawing as the main focal point in my practice is to abstract figurative objects, and
subjective concepts, in the form of 2-Dimensional visual languages. The language is to
communicate how drawing as a medium, can also be translated through painting, and
sculpture as a method relating to the word ‘transformation’. Currently, my practice has been
intrigued by disfigured landscapes, transforming my drawings and paintings into sculptures,
using the surface itself. This then becomes a sculptural drawing/painting. The curiosity I
have developed within transformative artwork has been encouraged by experimentation and
featuring in exhibition projects. Exhibiting under limitations also encourages challenging the
boundaries within occupying a space. Gestural mark-making has always been an ongoing
theme when it comes to producing an astronomical number of drawings, I like to consider
the fact that each drawing holds a piece of me, amongst the obfuscated allure.

Observe. Draw. Transform.

Group Works