This project covers a wide range of practical and basic research, including a week-long practice in San Miniato, documentation of field visits to relevant tanneries and sewage treatment plant production chains, participation in leather business seminars and discussions with craft of leather master’s workshop. Explored the possibility of developing vegetable tanned leather from a designer’s perspective by establishing a brand, which mainly uses handcrafted techniques and continues to extend slow fashion and craftsmanship. Project will go from brand commitments to a statement on the current state of leather manufacturing to indicate the sustainable issues of research significance, focusing on the details of the vegetable tanning process with reference to the history and use of raw materials. Analyze the positive impacts and challenges of vegetable tanned leather, including environmental and social responsibilities. On the other hand, it focuses on the traditional handmade leather techniques involved in design development and provides innovative ideas and experiments in the application of 3D technology and provides a detailed introduction to the tanneries cooperating with the project.

Sustainable Fashion: Business with Practices