I was chatting with a friend – it was my first time in their home, and I noticed they propped their paintings up against the walls. I asked why they did this – they did not want to drill holes and did not like the idea of adhesives. I started to think about how I display wall art – it has almost always been with nail mounts on walls. The difference in preference on my friend’s part made me question if they were alone in doing this, was the choice theirs, or was it more so determined by other factors? The aim was to challenge this by designing a new fixing product that would enable a freedom for new artistic experiences.

I would like to credit:

The photographer for the ‘place, press, lock’ images, Sharukh Sherafudeen, whose work (A Sensory Rhythm) and the hand model, Oscar Feria, whose work (A Sense of Nature) is featured on the website.

Adobe Stock for painting images.


Nails, screws, and adhesives struggle to support the need for hanging wall art. This inspired the challenge to design a new fixing product for multi-spatial art experiences – An air-tight, unobtrusive path to expression.