In Lucy’s artistic practice she works and experiments in digital software’s to visually represent her experience from living in social housing and the memories of home from when she was younger. She examines themes that revolve around the home such as, decorations, transportation, sentimental value, interior and exterior designs, history, and identity. She often creates these themes in the form of an animation or images by using software like blender and unity.

Currently in her practice she is utilising technologies that can re-embody homily objects that are ‘hand me downs’ by using 3D scanning from the ‘Kinect’ and questioning ‘what makes up the home?’ and how does aesthetics coexist or conflicts the functionality of living.

The work produced for the degree show uses the Kinect to scan objects surrounding the house into digital jpeg. Having these images are a reflection of sentimental value of ‘hand me downs’ as the furniture has belonged to previous family members. She has repurposed the furniture to exist in the digital space and on fabric.

Group Works