As hybrid living has been widely adopted in recent years, devices have become focal points in our homes, resulting in longer workdays and the inability to set clear boundaries between activities. Distracted by technology and oblivious to our physical surroundings, we lose a sense of place and time.

Objects in Motion explores how multi-sensory experiences can invite new environments into our homes that change how we perceive time and help us establish boundaries throughout the day. By casting shadows and releasing scents – reminiscent of specific environments or memories – our living spaces can elicit strong emotional responses in us, provoking a change in thought and behaviour, helping us escape the confinement of our own homes.

A Shadow Carousel and Scent Carousel work in unison to deliver three distinct environments at set intervals throughout the day. The system can be customised and personalised to align with an individual’s preferences; we all interpret scents and visual cues differently, recalling personal memories and experiences.

Based on user testing and my own observations, I formed a “sensory profile” to demonstrate the effectiveness of the system.

Above: an overview of my projects from 2022/23