It’s widely recognized that chaos and uncertainty have become predominant themes in modern society. Consequently, feelings of anxiety and insecurity have become all too common. Life often presents us with situations that leave us feeling adrift. Our relentless pace robs us of the opportunity to embrace the present, leaving little room for slowing down and truly experiencing the moment. The act of pausing serves as a means to reestablish our connection with the world around us—be it our environment, the people we share it with, or even our own selves. This pause is not only an interlude from our tasks but also a break from the ceaseless cycle of overthinking. This project documents various instances of ‘pause moments’ that individuals have experienced.

Jing Gu is an illustrator presently located in London. Her enthusiasm lies in visual communication, with a special focus on editorial illustration and storytelling. Additionally, she holds a keen interest in graphic design and the art of image composition. Nature and animals hold a special place in her heart, serving as constant sources of inspiration.