Motivated by my own experiences in athletics and gymnastics, my work aims to respond to the human body in motion. Functionality, agility and comfort are all key components of my design, developing the collection beyond pure aesthetic. 

    In addition to high-intensity sports, my work is influenced by my upcoming trip to Mount Everest Base Camp, encouraging the consideration of a different type of exertion and environment entirely.

    My design development has involved rigorous sampling, questioning and making informed decisions to present a highly refined outcome. Using technical fabrics, trims and fastenings to allow for precise and developed garments. This includes bags and a base layer series in response to my research and personal experience.

    Extensive material development has also allowed for appropriate fabric choices, including a range of accessories produced using deadstock, end of roll and garment offcuts. Specialist fabrics include Merino Wool, technical nylon and ripstop.