The Other Side (2021) is a short thriller film written, directed, and edited by Kira Wasniewski: the story explores the feelings of alienation, pressure, and psychological turmoil experienced by the BIPOC community on a daily basis. Drawn from her own experiences and those close to her, she takes you on an uncomfortable journey to reveal the pressures felt by Black people in the UK. The main character Darnell is haunted by a Dark Figure- the ethereal embodiment of his fears and insecurities. Shot in two days, the juxtaposition of tension and microaggressions reveals Kira’s aptitude for all things horror and socially prevalent. Her other short works like Creak (2021) have allowed her to flex her creative muscles through experimental lighting, sound design, and colour grading. Kira now hopes to become an editor as well as create documentaries surrounding the Arts and London youth culture, whilst simultaneously representing and working to tell the stories of the LGBTQ+ and Black community.