Primarily focussing on mark making and textural enquiry, my practice centres around the crossing of boundaries, using cute imagery to convey my relationship to nature and the paranormal. Whether pencil or brush, I consider my practice an extension from drawing, exploding, erupting, scrabbling, unwinding from the hand. I aim to create an experience for the viewer that provokes both warm feelings and the chilling nature of the unknown and solitude, provoking an uncanny ethereality that I find fascinating. By using cuteness, the boundaries between attraction and repulsion are further overlapped due to the contrary nature of the adorable, having deep links to unsettling themes despite what meets the eye. Using pearls as if they are growing out of the very paintings themselves, I strive to convey that the beauty of nature, cuteness, and anything that may be classed as ‘paranormal’ all share a sublimity, both awe and disgust, to both push and pull my audience.

Most recently my work has been exploring scale to envelop the viewer, creating an otherworldly encounter, much like how nature and the paranormal present themselves to me. This goes as far as bleeding my work off the canvas and onto the surrounding walls, to further emphasise the idea that my paintings create more of an experience than exist simply as an image, representing fragments and relics of other worlds. Moreover, my degree show installation aims to displace my viewer to a space that speaks of permanence and nostalgia, in contrast to the actual area in which the work may be exhibited. Creating a distinct sense of otherness, grasping it viscerally with both hands and taming it to the point of habitability.


Group Works