My practice helps me to find a sense of balance in the everyday by employing an instinctive and repetitive visual language. This ritualistic vocabulary of muted colour, form and composition, united with a obsessional structure of rigorous mark making, allows me to reflect upon my lived experiences. By drawing upon phenomenology, as understood by Merleau-Ponty, I encode these perceptual and existential experiences within this formal visual language, inviting the viewer to enter into their own personal conversance with them.

Through a series of reductions, my work impresses upon ‘the essential’, embodiment, movement, and space, to isolate the forms and contents of these interventions. I compose and assemble artworks by means of systematic repetition, using organic forms as punctuations throughout the space. The relationship between the works and the space is revealed, prompting the idea of play by attending to spatial and optical considerations. Herein, the play emancipates from coping mechanisms, staging a transient moment of balance.

As a manifestation of embodied spirituality, being in an insightful relationship with oneself, there is a constant tension between order and disorder, chance and necessity, spontaneous and deliberate. This polarity within the meticulous practice of making indicates interiority while forming an active engagement with the spatial, minimal, and aesthetic work of art. 

Krati Doshi (b.2000, India) completed an MFA in Fine Art from Kingston School of Art in 2023 and holds a BA in Fine Art from Birmingham School of Art in 2020. In 2023, she had her inaugural solo exhibition Green one next to the yellow blob or? at Swan, Kingston University and exhibited in group exhibitions including crow titties (2023) and :in dialogue (2023)