This project is an illustrated magazine about the relationship between humans and pet cats in modern society. The project is based on a fictional story about a man who finds a stray cat one day, adopts it and raises it. When using illustrations to tell this story, many scenes of modern society and cats living together will be depicted to analyze the life state jointly built by humans and cats. And the magazine also conveys a lot of scientific cat keeping knowledge to readers in a lively and interesting form. To help readers who want to or are currently owning a cat raise their cats better.

In modern society, cats as pets have become a member of many families. I think it would be interesting to explore their symbiotic relationship with humans in this social context.

Liang wang is a graphic designer and an illustrator. He is passionate about using creative thinking to create outstanding works. He is brave to try, bold to imagine and pay attention to details. He always looking for opportunities to use his creativity to make great works.