The project ‘The Missing Girl’ creates a crime scene through performance, about a story of a girl who disappears into a single man’s house. I adopted the perspective of an observer to shoot and extracted evidence like a criminal Investigator. Red women’s dresses hidden in men’s closets, red lipstick marks left on wine glasses, the lipstick retrieved from the trash, the red female shoes that were the same size as the male shoes. All evidence proves that the disappearing girl is actually the man himself. These pictures allow the audience to associate and guess what happened before in the scene, leaving suspense.

    This project explores gender fluidity. It was inspired by a real-life queer friend of mine whose biological gender is male and whose psychological gender is female, and often feels pain and struggles with this. The man puts on a suit means he has to obey society’s rules and regulations, live and work like an ordinary man, all he did was to appear as a so-called normal man in the eyes of the public. In the end, he was reduced to a prisoner who betrays his inner self. This project is dedicated to exploring gender studies and expressing doubts and challenges to traditional morality.