Embarking from the humble hedge, this project presents revelations about South-West London’s suburban landscape. The hedge, a staple of suburbia, stands as more than just a boundary. While some take pride in cultivating it, others bemoan its constant demands and unyielding growth. Beyond its often unnoticed presence, the hedge extends a haven to a myriad of creatures.

But do all hedges conform to a monotonous sameness? In an era where home ownership gives way to transient tenancies, who now tends to these natural partitions? Who bothers to trim the hedge when time itself becomes a rarity?

You’ll come to realise that a hedge is not just a hedge – it’s a reflection of our evolving surroundings. It encapsulates stories and an intricate interplay of nature and human existence.

This project began with wanderings through the neighbourhoods of Kingston and Surbiton, leading to a collection of carefully crafted and letterpressed hedge glyphs, accompanied by enlightening conversations with locals, offering a personal glimpse into suburbia.

When Marie began her research process through psychogeographic wanderings in Kingston and Surbiton, she had no idea of the rabbit hole she would fall into. Investigating the hedge led to a deep examination of the suburban realm, encountering significant facets of social and environmental change.