Walk ‘n’ Roll 

Walk ‘n’ Roll is an armchair with the addition of a roller.

It is placed in the home and people can walk slow or fast on the roller by stepping on it and making it turn to relieve sedentary fatigue. There is a handrail to hold on to so that people will not fall off it. In this way it allows people to use the armchair for simple activities after sitting for a long time, instead of continuing to lying on the sofa. While walking on the roller, people can watch TV, listen to music or other entertainment at the same time. When not in use, it can be reset and used as an armchair for daily use.

I hope that this design will help people to develop a healthy habit. In our daily lives, we always forget to relax and rest through proper exercise because of our studies and work, and this can be harmful to our physical and mental health. When people start with a small thing like walking, a good habit can be easily developed.