This project harmonises nature-inspired textures with sensory design, offering a distinct experience. Aiming at busy professionals, city residents, and those seeking nature’s benefits, it taps into reflexology and acupressure principles. By mimicking natural surfaces with acupressure principles, not only promotes enhanced energy or reduced stress but also multiple physical benefits like back pains and inflammation. It bridges indoor and outdoor realms, creating a strong connection to nature within homes. This relevance and uniqueness attract individuals in pursuit of holistic well-being through sensory, acupressure-inspired encounters.

The combination of thoughtful design, expert insights, and user testing has resulted in a product that aligns with reflexology and acupressure principles, while offering a unique sensory experience. The success achieved so far, and the positive feedback received proves the project’s significance in bringing nature’s benefits to daily life.

By answering the research question, “How does interacting with surfaces that emulate nature impact users’ experience, emotional responses, and well-being in their lives?” it is now evident that the designed platform could have a lot of positive impact in the daily lives of busy professionals dealing with stress-related health issues and nature deficit disorders.

In the project above I explored circularity through a product that prioritises user interaction and space-saving for daily use in living environments. It is versatile, modular, and can be easily rearranged, assembled, replaced, and packed. Each module is designed for maximum flexibility of configurations, with a minimal number of components.