The goal is to arouse people’s awareness of the decline of the environment through the appearance of clothing, so in terms of physical performance. In order to achieve the most obvious and easy-to-understand visual effects, various environmental protection related issues were investigated. In terms of audience, I choose a younger ethnic group as the target audience. Among the people who generally do not yet have environmental awareness, being able to use my design to convey the beauty of the environment and the awareness of environmental protection is my goal this time. My clothing collection will be defined as a haute couture uniform, as I would like to express a different way of designing clothing from the usual traditional commercial model, so special techniques are required for sewing in production, which is difficult to meet the standards of mass production. Moreover, although the cost of high-end custom uniforms is higher, it can also face me. This project’s environmental protection issues are compared with mass-produced garments due to the low output and the design and production-oriented, which leads to unnecessary waste.

While in prior work, the detailed item is to find the elements of natural energy that can be applied to clothing. The first part is because the reason for my design comes from the decline of natural scenery. First of all, it is necessary to classify several issues related to environmental degradation. What I mainly investigate here is that two polar climate regions can have some materials as clothing techniques and shapes. Basis consideration. Last but not lease, because of emphasizing the relationship between man and nature, I have inspected the traditional clothing of the local people, and discovered the influence of climate on the clothing design of the people in the place, the choice of fabrics, etc. This also makes me think about the natural environment and human clothing.