A lot of my work over the past few months has just been a collection of trial and error, and figuring out the running theme throughout by asking other people what they think of my work. My work, like stated previously, is strongly based on a political movement or a topic that really has frustrated me, my work is politically motivated, it’s a cultivation of misogyny, feminism and colonialism within one installation which derived from a spiteful/ misogynistic comment a family member made. Overall my idea for this project has really grown and I’ve figured out a new path for my art, installations.

Recently a topic that has piqued my interest Is looking into varying factors from music to colonialism to our environment the society around us the people around us and how that’s influenced or affected how Indian specifically Sikh men view women. While researching into this, I found quite a lot of interesting material around this topic. In particular what stuck at the most was finding out that while the British were still in India, they had bought in their misogynistic views, which further degraded Indian women within that society, and from that it’s just spiralled and created this narrative that women were meant to be these objects, not people. This view is what led to the many assaults seek women faced during, and after Indira Gandhi’s reign, an operation known as Operation Shaeed Karan.

“Recognise the Human Race as one”

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