My work consists of subject matter heavily influenced by dreams and the subsisting curiosities they hold. I gravitate toward the medium of oil paint, to depict and question images I have experienced when separated from reality. I include symbolistic details and ideas to denote vulnerable aspects of myself drawing upon my memories, fears, loves and thoughts upon the world we exist in today. I question the direction of today’s society, as humans have become symbiotic to the presence of technology and explore the impact of the digital age upon the human condition. In turn applying the concept of the ‘Shadow Self’ – an Archetype coined by Carl Jung. It is an aspect of the self, specifically persona that contains one’s personality traits, emotions, or thoughts – when repressed these aspects imbalance our Psyche and puppeteer the host. However, when these aspects are seen and addressed one can achieve wholeness – the ultimate gold (alchemic term). The collection aims to tackle, among many other topics, the fetters and toils of facing such a matter whilst also holding the salvation in doing so. Combining both formless instinctual works, inspired from Andre Bretons notion of Automatism – with planned and detailed Surrealist Dreamscapes.

Images of ‘Debris Show’ Exhibition

Group Works