Shubha Bharill, also known as Shubhs, is a media professional based in London. She likes to use various modes of visual media ( Film, Illustration, and photography ) to communicate her thoughts on childhood, femininity, and human emotions. Taking inspiration from her extensive background in advertising, Shubha likes to create compelling, impactful visuals that stand out as well as relay the information in the most simplistic and effective manner. “ We are all one”, is a children’s book inspired by her grandfather’s Hindi poems published during the 20th century in India and is dedicated to her 7-year-old son. Through the book, Shubha has attempted to share her grandfather’s utmost belief in humanity and his feelings against the division of the earth, with the younger generation. The key thought “ We are all one”, is even more significant in the multicultural world of the 21st century where people from various backgrounds coalesce, voluntarily or involuntarily. Shubha has always been an avid reader and had a strong penchant for drawing. Through this project, she received an opportunity to create a truly meaningful piece that amalgamates not just classic poetry with children’s literature but also reflects her love for books, illustrations, stories, family, exploration, life, all in one. She also created a website, to enable a digital presence of her grandfather’s poetry, where more English translations of the poems will be added in the future. See Shubha’s Vimeo or Instagram page to see more of her work and if you’d like to discuss any future collaborations.

“I went on a journey to find him, and with him, I found myself.”

My children’s book “We are all one” and the website “” is a homage to my grandfather and a tribute to Hindi poetry written by him during the 20th century in India.