The Acha shelving unit is a creation intended to support artisans in transitioning from crafting Channapatna toys to crafting Channapatna furniture. I recognised the importance of modernising this traditional craft to appeal to contemporary audiences and ensure its sustainability.

    This shelving unit draws its design inspiration from the stacking method used for multiple charpais (traditional Indian beds) and incorporates the associated joinery techniques. The unique leg design features chess coins, reflecting the historical use of charpais as spaces for playing games. The primary goal of the product is to retain the essence of Channapatna toys while expanding into furniture.

    The asymmetrical design of the shelving unit offers a fresh and innovative approach to design. It is crafted from brown lacquered ivory wood, which is turned using a lathe machine by skilled craftsmen in India.

    The name “A Ch A shelving unit” creatively combines elements from its inspirations (Channapatna Craft, Chess, and Charpai) by using the common “Ch” sound. Additionally, it plays with the Hindi word “acha,” which means “good,” symbolising quality and excellence.

    Crafting tradition into innovation, the A”ch”a shelving unit transforms heritage into modern elegance, ensuring the legacy of Channapatna craft continues to shine, one ‘ACHA’ creation at a time.