A continued theme within my works as an artist is the exploration of materiality. I enjoy pushing the physical and aesthetic boundaries of materials in art communication settings such as exhibitions and critiques. This year I have focused my exploration on cardboard as a medium, initially using the deep sandy colour sheets for maquette purposes; I became fixated on its sculptural possibilities. I have enjoyed the utilitarian aesthetic and nature of the material; for me, it provided a sense of meditative simplicity. I introduced contrasting hard-wear elements to my works, including silver-coloured handles, hinges, nuts and bolts, hooks and loops. This experimentation played with ideas of usefulness/uselessness of the results, a concept particularly interesting when brought into the exhibition context. I enjoy blurring the lines of the viewer’s role and engagement with the artwork. Throughout the year, I have found concepts of space, landscape, environment, and set design to be emerging themes that run through my practice. I have enjoyed working with these concepts; where cardboard is cheap and light, I have been able to explore in greater depths and perspectives.

    Group Works