My work this year has reflected my opportunity to speak without consequence. I have related all my work to myself and have now had no consideration for accommodating to audiences for whom I do not create. I have experimented a lot with writing and how to develop that into physical works through instillation and collage. This process has helped me create a deeper understanding of my practice, that it doesn’t need to be defined by a style or medium but by an appreciation from myself and those who the work is in relation to. I have been able to get a hold of my process and have become dependent on writing to understand and explain my work. Using writing as a form of contemporary art has been beneficial. I have also been experimenting with the scale of my work in comparison to previous years before I was restricted due to lockdown but having the studio space has allowed me to create sculptures bigger than me which allows me to be more adventurous with the space that I want to take up.

Group Works