Choice phobia is something I have always had. I have had self-contradictions since I was a child. I used to think that I was afraid of uncertainty, afraid of things changing but I couldn’t bear it, and afraid of things going in a direction that made me very hard. So I often It is a passive acceptance of some choices. And after getting used to this state, you will find that avoiding difficulties will only bring new difficulties. But I found that I was not afraid of multiple-choice questions in life, but was in a dilemma about the choice of do or not do, yes or no, timid, shrinking, self Persuasion is just a state produced in the process of my self-esteem and inferiority intertwined and affecting me, I’ve always felt like I’m not good enough yet I don’t want to be mediocre, and this thought goes round and round in my head, causing me to have a phobia of choice.

My work talks about my phobia of choice. My phobia of choice comes from the mutual restraint of my self-esteem and inferiority complex. This complex emotion makes me believe in myself and doubt myself, thus falling into an endless cycle of difficult choices.