My brief is to design the shelves for small things such as wallet, photo frame and I also use the negative space to put some books or vase for living room. And the structure behind is to hold the shelves

    The advantage of this design is that the slanted angle is visually pleasing and provides more space, such as vases, picture frame lights. In addition, the different placement of this shelf is also an advantage of my design. Consumers can place the shelf according to their own preferences, and only need to nail two holes to each shelf to fix the shelf.


    This design I used the turn-hole technique, the connection method of the boards I chose domino for the connection, which made my shelf very sturdy. I also use sheet metal bending and wood manufacturing process.


    The material I chose was American white oak, which worked both aesthetically and environmentally. I choose the same width for the two iron sheets. I made a small design on both ends of the iron sheet, the shape of a right triangle and the edges were smoothed by me. I choose a combination of 4 different colors to show the vibrancy of my work.


    When I sell it, I will start with 3 shelves, which together make up the X-helves. And will provide customers with several options for them to match according to their preferences.



    The beauty of this product is the variety of possibilities. Consumers can arrange and place shelves reasonably according to the area of the wall. Negative space not only brings visual beauty to consumers, but also applies space flexibly.