Inspired by recent online discussion, my project ‘Escape‘ explores questions about cultural backgrounds and meaningful experiences, especially in education, and even in entertainment. Influenced by the thoughts from the humanistic geographer Yi-fu Tuan`s books, I examined concrete things such as systems, places and spaces that people want to escape – real or psychological. This includes those commonly associated with passive and rebellious lifestyles.

I have used digital drawing techniques that are reminiscent of linocuts. The series of illustrations is assembled into a book, inviting the audience to participate actively in considering ideas about societal actions, cages and shelters. My aim is to express a timeless quality, using bold, dark lines, blocks and limited colours. This echos existing, analogue techniques, but presents the ideas in a new, progressive way. I am inspired by early films, science fiction films and AI painting methods. The logic of this is that abstract and unrealistic feelings can help to reflect the human aspects that these images are emphasising.

I am an Illustrator from mainland China and my practice involves reading, thinking, drawing, painting and combining all of these in a creative way to form visual narratives.