The Waterworks is a virtual concept Tear Recycling Convenience Store to cure the tear incontinence group. The Waterworks creates a private space for you to cry and provides you with special material tissues to recycle your tears. You can also choose to tell the story behind your tears by turning them into a visual message for others. We also provide an information booklet on tears to educate anyone who doesn’t understand crying and hopefully they will understand the tear incontinence group.

    Here you can cry as much as you want and not be ashamed of what people see. Don’t suppress any of your emotions, we encourage you to cry and release them as this is good for your health.

    This project encourage people to explore ‘the different meanings of tears in special psychological, social and narrative contexts’, so that gain more understanding for the “tear incontinence group”. Hoping to help and heal such groups through our brand. Tears may be meaningless by themselves, but they can represent anything in special situations and contexts.