Starting Point for this project

The story from one of my best friends is really influenced my opinion about menswear. Also, the trigger of the research is from a cosmic dancer called Michael Clark. His artwork and thought of LGBT had highly inspired me to continue my gender-fluid fashion, especially for gender-fluid menswear. According to the development of my research, I started to consider how the new romantic influenced fashion around the 1980s? How dramatically the gender-fluid fashion influenced modern menswear? What’s I can do for current gender-fluid menswear?

Aim and Objectives

In my major project, men aged 25-35 have been my main target group. These men usually have a passion for fashion with personal aesthetics and a tolerant attitude towards gender concepts, like people working in creative industries including artists, stylists, and designers. They are looking for something unique and meaningful. Their personality is lovely and empathetic. They can feel the joys and sorrows of others. They have a kind of gentle power, but they dare to resist social prejudice and violence. 

One of my best friends is a member of LGBT. His story taught me the difficult side of this group. At the same time, his kindness and gentleness keep warming me. Gentle power and gentle beauty are the best interpretations I can think of him.

The development of this major project. Contains design process, line-up development and technical drawing. It is the process that transfers the 2D idea to 3D outfits.