You would probably recognise me for my illustrated design for the Kingston University tote bag 🙂

Safeye – A small business for women’s safety pendants, which can be used when you find yourself in a dangerous situation, where reaching for your phone isn’t an option. It will notify the individual’s friends and family/the police their location through a companion app, when pressed. I was in charge of creating the brand identity and illustrations.

Duolingo False Friends – An integrated campaign that takes fear out of learning by celebrating language mistakes. The audience is invited to share their own funny story via social media. This mini-series of animated stories inspired by people’s funny experiences with classic “false friends” mistakes shows that all this is a natural part of a language learning journey and people should embrace it.

Glazed – Brand Identity for a donut flavoured energy drink.

The Warming Igloo – 3D model and animation, installation proposal for the Canary Wharf Winter Lights Festival.

The Kitchen-19 – My major project about a food experience beyond taste, as food doesn’t taste the same after experiencing the long COVID symptoms of having distorted smell and taste. Restaurant concept and branding to create a safe space for people with this condition called Parosmia, where they can feel understood as well as explore their other senses when eating out. Custom distorted typeface.

Hi, my name is Yoana Pavlova. I’m a young graphic and motion designer from Bulgaria, based in London. I am passionate about design that cultivates emotional response and most of the times I tend to obsess over visual details.