At the beginning of this project, I had a bad sleep situation. I happened to read an article about Andy Warhol’s film Sleep, as well as capitalism’s control over people and lack of sleep. So I read Jonathan Crary’s book 24 / 7: Late Capitalism And The End Of Sleep. The book mainly describes the influence of capitalism on human beings, which makes human beings gradually lose the right to sleep. I took this as my inspiration to carry out this project.

There are some examples given by authors in the book 24/7 to demonstrate the impact of capital and control on people. I selected some of them and did research, most of which were video materials.  I start with these videos themselves and make a mixed clip to arouse people’s desire for sleep and resistance to control.

I processed a picture from my conceptual design and got a similar monochrome low-detail high-noise style. The low-detail and high-noise styles imitate the effect of underexposure when taking photos in low-light places. It is used to describe the life of people who are inverted black and white and unable to sleep at night.

Click the link below to view the CONTROL video.

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