A Contemporary Rural III

‘Go Large’

Our site is situated in the captivating and complex, layered landscapes of the Essex Thames Estuary, Purfleet on the Thames.  We will propose a river edgelands independent film production site, set within a flood responsive landscape infrastructure. The site will offer film studios and external filming grounds, costume production spaces, rehearsal and public screening areas. 

Purfleet is a town in Thhrocks, in Essex, east of England. It is known for its Gunpowder Magines, chalk quarries, paper mills and oil depot in the 20th century. Nowadays most of the industrial sites have been demolished becoming brownfield sites, the land is contaminated, and many waste materials remained on site. However, this condition has created a friendly ecosystem for wildlife and plants. I have undertaken interrogative research of the surroundings and spoken with local geologists and local historians during studio field trips. Through this, I began to understand the value of brownfield sites for biodiversity. By familiarising myself with past industries and communities and by looking onto the future at the effects of climate change and increasing flood risk. This has equipped me to prepare a convincing set of master plans alternative to the one currently in place, intending to shift any current negative perceptions of the area by reevaluating and respecting what already exists whilst working with enhancing the natural environment and conditions on and around the site.

My project’s objective is to propose a new form of film production site that brings the advantages of community life with careful use and improvement of the existing environmental system. Allowing film studio spaces to blend with the Thames Estuary landscapes, and create a mood and an atmosphere. The building was designed as a kit of parts that can as easily be assembled as disassembled and reassembled. 

The idea of creating a building, or a big complex of building, or even a small one, becomes part of its surroundings fascinated me. The landscape can imprint its memory. So I aim to explore the architectural language that allows my proposal to fully emerge in the rhythms of the River Thames estuary.