‘The collection ‘Complex Divorce’ references my split heritage: reflecting the separation of Ukraine from Russia. The initial inspiration of my work focused on the evolutions of Ukraine’s identity after the collapse of the Soviet Union. In the last couple of months, with the ongoing war, developments of my collection gained a deeper more personal meaning. Identifying more with my Ukrainian roots as inspiration and celebration. The research behind the collection forms the basis of a built narrative surrounding my family history. To fill in the gaps of a Soviet past and a split present. I have been heavily influenced by photographers who capture the abandonment of ex-soviet countries, overcast with a western influence.’

‘Complex Divorce’, a visual portrayal of a built narrative of my family’s history and an exploration of our soviet past and a split present. The collection comprises of six looks, with wire structures encased by taut and tense jersey,  heavy and over-sized leather pieces contrast with the vulnerable sheer mesh looks.