“What’s in my eyes?” is a project about vision, which explores the imperfect visual sensory effects of floaters. Floaters, this imperfect visual effect, bring unique sensations to our senses and confuse us. Husserl’s phenomenology mentioned that the experiences we have determine our perception of phenomena. Floaters suffer from lack of Knowledge and experience of the condition often leads to questioning the reliability of the images in the eyes and feeling uneasy about the images in one’s own eyes. This project mainly shows the symptoms and characteristics of floaters, and asks us: what is perfect? What is mainstream vision? , and asks us to reconsider people’s interpretations of vision in a moral society. I hope to show people the perspective of floaters in an interesting way through design, so that patients with floaters can accept their own imperfect perspective, and let people realize that there are imperfections everywhere in this world.

    “What’s in My Eyes?” delves into the imperfect visual effects of floater, raising questions about perfect and mainstream vision.