My work from the start of my degree course has changed and matured massively.
My works are presented on wine boxes; this, in a way, resembles my sobriety. I am just over 5 months sober now and it has been a tricky road. The way I had dealt with the loss and grief of losing my closest friend last year was not done in a healthy or progressive way at first, but once I had become sober a whole new world had opened up. Creativity was pouring out of me in a clean and new way – these works were produced during my first sober months and I wanted to include this in a small, maybe not so obvious way in the show.

There is a standing wall in the end left corner to show some of my prep sketches/paintings, this was a way for me to bring/ give a hint to my studio— bringing my studio into the show. My studio is my safe space, MY space. It is where I feel anything is possible and I am not judged (at least not by anyone other than myself). Bringing this wall of prep sketches into my part of the show makes me feel as though the spectator can get a better understanding of how my brain works and how I construct my practice.

Group Works