Zoe Chan was working on her practice in Hong Kong and is currently based in England. She sees herself as an earnest artist. She keeps creating art in different forms, from painting to craft and digital art. Her works show the hidden beauty of nature by using a variety of colours and abstract shapes. She loves to imagine unique ideas and create them in real, combining art theory and the practical practices of product design to create artistic products and aiming to explore the grey area in the art and design world.

The work is an installation with textile art hanging on a round steel hoop, creating a space for the audience to go in. It should be able to contain one to two audiences. There will be large pieces of tufting art and some small punch needle art, showing the hidden beauty of nature by using a variety of colours and abstract shapes. All art pieces will be connected to the hoop with beaded chains. The beaded curtain is the entrance, and the rest of the space will fill up with lots of beaded chains.

Audiences are allowed to interact with the art pieces, touching is to feel and understand a piece of art. “To see it is not enough; one feels the need to rub it between one’s fingers to fully appreciate its design.” The best way to understand a piece of art, in my belief, is to touch, as written in the book ‘Thinking through Craft’, slowly wandering between the loops and knots, feeling the heart of the maker where humanity is felt through the artist and art making. A lot of the time, people think art is only for looking at, when the idea of ‘designart’ applies to my art, this phenomenon was replaced, especially as the art or product should connect to the owner through sensory touch.

Textile art speaks louder than paintings and creates stronger connections with the audience. The making and softness are important in the works which explore the relationship between art and design.

Group Works