In our approach to the Chapter 5, Letterkenny market square project, we encouraged a holistic urban response, engaging with the entirety of the site, while also considering the scale of the body and the various acts of use and dwelling the scheme could enable. Students were encouraged to develop an architectural language and narrative that could be translated into a variety of scales, from open public spaces to smaller interior moments. The projects featured show how a such a strategic approach could inform a unified scheme tying together typology, topography, and tectonics.

    Alex Allen, Zaid Alzubaidi, Mariam Arkwazi, Sarrah Dafallah, Gaia d’Agastino, Donell Ekwulugwo-Hill, Mavy Khalil, Madinah Mir, Liv Rygh, Sadaf Yassi
    Janet Akinyemi, Tiril Berg, Sheckina Ede, Charlie Fox, Lena Lali, Ahoura Meskinazarian, Afra Mohamed Mubarak, Aminat Oduwole, Klaudia Sadowska, Raminta Smigelskaite

    Studio Tutors
    Dr Eleanor Suess & Lena Vassileva

    Guest Critic
    Alex Zambelli