As a historical heritage building spanning nearly two centuries, SILO D’s cultural value cannot be ignored. The significance of SILO D’s historical contribution should not be overridden when it is put into use again, as it has been an important location for food storage for a long time. My design goal is to design it as a sustainable public space that can provide entertainment, dining and retail for city dwellers and visitors alike. What I want to explore is to redefine SLIO D as a sustainable organic food supply place, and beyond its function as a dining space, it can promote the concept of sustainable living to the users who visit. SILO D may be demolished the original wall and expand the usable space, this is to change the airtight characteristics of the original building as a storage space, so that the indoor space has better lighting and circulation system, and enhance the good sense of space experience for future users. I want to explore an attractive outdoor space in this project, which will be closely connected with the interior space of the original building, and the newly expanded outdoor space will provide users with more opportunities to get in touch with nature. What I am most interested in is the introduction of a new sustainable agricultural concept “aquaponics” in this building, which will be interestingly combined with the new structural space, users will see fish and vegetables grow from farm to dining table, it will be a fun experience.