Residential Retrofit For Future Living intends to use social media to raise awareness about sustainability in the built environment. The project focuses on raising awareness about sustainable residential retrofits among homeowners and builders in the UK. The UK has the world’s oldest housing stock and 80% of the homes that will exist in 2050 have already been built, therefore it is important for all of us to focus on retrofitting these homes in order to meet the 2050 goal of achieving net zero emissions.

The project utilises the BREEAM sustainability guidelines to identify the most significant metrics for residential retrofit and delivers these parameters to homeowners and builders via short YouTube videos, Instagram posts, and a booklet.

Through social media awareness, Residential Retrofit For Future Living aspires to encourage homeowners to make responsible choices for their home retrofit, extension, renovations and refurbishments.

What makes it important ?

The environment in which we live has a big role in raising global temperature. According to UKGBC data, the construction industry accounts for 38% of carbon emissions and 35% of energy use. As a result, a modest action from every one of us may make a big difference in the battle against climate change. There have been rules and technology for creating sustainable buildings on the market. However, only a small percentage of the field’s experts follow these guidelines and are technologically aware.

Thus, Residential Retrofit For Future Living is a stepping stone to help house owners of small scale residence and the builders to make decisions favourable for the planet and the future.

We all have a part to play in making a difference for a greener and cleaner future. We can achieve this with a little effort in embracing sustainable materials and guidelines for our homes and a little effort in changing our behaviour.