My major project is called “Folding Space”,and my inspiration comes from Japanese designer Jo Nagasaka and Schemata Architecture Office has developed “Paco”, which is a box that measures 3m x 3m x 3m. This kind of foldable new house has become the new development trend of people’s future living. In the context of The Times and COVID-19, people’s lives have slowed down and they have developed a more intimate relationship with furniture. In my opinion, the relationship between human beings and furniture itself is estrangement and coldness. Furniture exists only to meet the basic needs of people’s life. I use folding, the relationship between furniture and people as the key words of my series to create a series of designs. I think my designs also blur the boundary between art and fashion, presenting the excessive dress of people who stay at home for too long and almost merge with our furniture.

The research of this project will study all aspects of fashion design from the generation of inspiration, the search for the concept of folding furniture and silhouette experiment, and the design and experiment of folding and furniture from 2D to 3D. And the final garment developed from the final garment, as well as the subsequent commercial development forms generated by the garment, such as technology package, brand logo construction, brand trademark planning. These are all related to the field of fashion studies and revolve around my main design approach, the folding technology generated by the design of women’s autumn/winter 21 collection.


The major project “Folding Space” truly integrates the three elements of folding, people and space, bringing folding technique into human life, wearing furniture and even carrying this collection on our backs.