‘The Charity Social’ – Social Innovation in Charity Retail

Sustainable design inevitably concerns itself with questions of how we relate to the material world.

‘Social Innovation in Charity Retail’ investigates the role charity shops can play in promoting circularity in the retail sector. The project explores the impacts the pandemic has had on the charity sector, and how these may be overcome with new innovative business models through collaboration and community-led initiatives. Throughout the management report we explore the charity shop sector through the eyes of a designer volunteering at the store to get an authentic experience to understand the ‘systems-problems’.

‘The Charity Social’, is a local intervention which works with charities to innovate new ideas, organize creative workshops, events, and activities which collectively aim to engage the local communities and business organizations in sustainable practices. ‘The Charity Social’ also has an Instagram account where they share stories of sustainability and information on events happening in local areas.