Origami space divide


This project is about exploring the applications of origami in luxury interiors with an emphasis on hospitality.

For centuries origami has been used as an artform that varies from a paper crane – one of the most well-known patterns – to complex tessellations. It has been used to develop and improve technologies such as stent grafts and solar panels in orbit. I have explored origami in the furniture environment as it is an application here present an opportunity for customisation and foldability of pieces.

The outcome of the project is an adaptable and customisable space divider that strives to embody the transformability that folding allows in various materials. The piece is designed for large open interiors as a way of increasing the adaptability and possible uses of the interior. Usage scenarios include creating two different environments in an open plan interior, introducing privacy in certain moments, and as a ceiling installation.

The main body of the divider is created with individual polyester strips that have been pre-folded in an origami pattern. These strips are lowered and raised through a motor that is controlled remotely. As the motor rotates, the strips are folded at the top of the piece, allowing the user to decide the height that they should fall until.