In recent years, with the busy work, people rarely get in touch with nature, so I thought of creating a lamp to simulate the scene of people under the tree. My light is mainly to create the atmosphere of the shadow of leaves.


    The use time of this light is at night or in dark weather. People usually like the ambience when the sun shines through the leaves. This design can approach the real scene through shadows. And I chose to use silk for the leaves. The cutting is done by laser cutting, on the grounds that this way the silk does not snag. The outlines of the leaves are perfectly cut. I chose three different shades of green to show the staggered relationship of real leaves. In the dark and cloudy environment, the color of the lamp will be slightly green when illuminated by the light, which also reflects the characteristics of sunlight shining through the dense leaves.


    The middle of the base of the lamp is recessed inward for easy line access. The whole base of the lamp base is finished by CNC cutting, and I choose oak to complete the material. The inside of the light pole is screwed to help attach the bulb holder.


    This lamp is a very good combination of silk drape and light. The beginning of the shadow has a very light green color which is a good representation of the sunlight filtering through the leaves. Let people visually see and participate in nature even at night or on cloudy days.