• Because of the coronavirus, The world and the relationships between people have changed dramatically. People had to choose to lockdown at their homes for a long time. When I stopped going out, my daily life seemed like a copy and paste. Mobile phones “steal” our time and our ability to perceive changes in our surroundings. Time kept passing, but because of the stagnation of my life, my ability to perceive the existence of time and things themselves became weaker and weaker. So, based on my daily routine, I began to record the passage of time for both controllable and uncontrollable things, the things we would not care about during the busy time before. Using time as a reference point to prove the existence of “myself”.

When I say the word “now”,

Now has become the “past”.

We are actually the people who have been living in the past,

There is an unadjustable time lag between the past and future.

And the present,

It does not exist.

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