I hope you enjoy exploring the Kingston School of Art 2021 Degree Show website. It truly has been a team effort from staff and students to bring the concept of the show together. We set out to celebrate the achievements of this year’s graduating students, and to give them a really significant platform to present themselves and their work to you all.

The achievements of this group of students, considering the context of the Covid-19 pandemic is not just considerable – it is truly extraordinary. The show reflects the level of resilience, energy and passion that every single Kingston School of Art student has shown over this time.

The diversity of the work on show attests to the strengths of Kingston School of Art and the breadth of disciplines across the faculty, we wanted to reflect this in the production of the website.

The entire focus of the Degree Show Working Group was on the students and their work in order to create a space for each student to show their work, while locating each of them within their course disciplines. We wanted to create a platform in which the diversity of approaches to work across the faculty could be playfully encountered and unexpected connections between practices found.  Three other groups were also involved – IT Services, Concept and Branding and Project/Event Management.

Primary to the ambitions of the show was an opportunity for celebration. To creatively design a space in which student work became the focus of the site, but also reflected the incredibly friendly, fun and supportive environment of the art school.

I hope that you all enjoy the amazing show, it’s fun, creative and a true celebration of the success of our students.

I would like to thank everyone involved in the development of the show and all of the staff and students for all of the work to make this possible.

Please do enjoy it and take time to look at the work of all our students across the faculty.

Professor Alistair Payne

Head of the KSA Degree Show 2021 Working Group



Concept & Design: BOB Design

Build: Archive

Strategic Presence: Mandy Ure & Alistair Payne

Project Working Group: Michelle Akiwumi, Ruby Betts, Damian Chapman, Molly Cranston, Rebecca Davies, Aoife Donnelly, Sophie Doughty, Anne Marie Fisker, Rachel Gannon, Cara Gaskell, Courtney-Lyn Gregory, Chloe Hulse, Ju-Yi Hung, Tom James, Rozemin Keshvani, Gg King, Eira Mccallum, Janice Miller, Helen Minors, Adam Mitchell, Giacomo Moroso, Alistair Payne, Jason Piper, Kieran Roderick, Ellis Tree, Jakub Ujczak, Lucia Villagran Souto, Oksana Viytovych, Jiucen Wang

Landing Page Branding: Molly Cranston & Giacomo Moroso

Planning & Events: Anne Marie Fisker & Lydia James

Business Analysis: Oksana Viytovych

Project Management: Lucia Villagran Souto

With a special thanks to Kingston University Web & Digital team and IT Services: Information & Integration Team, Hosting & Infrastructure Team, and Cyber Security Team